Specifications of fixed optical attenuators


Fixed optical attenuators are available with the following specifications: 3 dB, 5 dB, 7 dB, and 10 dB.

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Specifications of stacks of S series fixed switches
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Optical attenuator list included in engineering documents
The optical attenuator list is a statistics report on optical attenuators used on a network. This report includes the quantity, type, and position (at a site) of fixed and variable optical attenuators.

Method used to calculate the optical cable attenuation between WDM equipment
The attenuation of an optical cable between WDM equipment can be calculated using the following formula: Optical cable attenuation = Difference between the transmit optical power of one OA board and the receive optical power of the peer OA board �?(Insertion loss of the two FIU boards in the middle + Attenuation of the optical attenuator)

Whether fixed-wavelength optical modules can be interconnected with wavelength-tunable optical modules
They can be interconnected when the wavelengths are consistent.

Method used to obtain the attenuation of the optical cable between two sites based on optical power
You can calculate the attenuation roughly using the following formula: Attenuation of the optical cable between two sites = (Transmit optical power of the OA board at the transmit-end site �?Receive optical power of the OA board at the receive-end site) �?Insertion loss of the FIU boards at both ends

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