How to clear alarms on AR routers


Run the clear alarm active command on the device to clear the active alarms of the device. After the command is run, the system will clear all active alarms on the device. Clear alarms with caution because cleared active alarms cannot be recovered.

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How do I query the Alarm of an AR router?
The Alarm can be queried through the following Web site:

Can the peak record of an interface on an AR router be cleared
In V200R006 and later versions, run the reset counters interface command to clear the peak record. In versions earlier than V200R006, the peak record cannot be cleared.

How to delete SNMP configuration on an AR router
Run an undo command corresponding to the SNMP feature to delete SNMP configuration from an AR router.

How can I clear alarms on a WLAN device
To clear alarms on a WLAN device, run the clear alarm active { all | sequence-number sequence-number } command in the alarm management view.

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