NMS monitoring for multiple OSN 1800 devices at the same site.


1. CO NEs can be set as gateway NEs.

2. ECC can be manually extended on OSN1800, or extended using other OTN or SDH devices in the equipment room.

3. RM and TM ports are interconnected in OSC mode.

4. Subracks work in master-slave mode.

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NMS monitoring port of OSN 8800
The NM-ETH port of an OSN 8800 device is the NMS monitoring port, which uses a crossover or straight-through network cable.

Method for communication between the NMS and OSN 1800 through OSN 6800
On the DCC Management page, the OSN 6800 port corresponding to OSN 1800 needs to be deleted before OSN 1800 can be managed on the NMS. The operation procedure is as follows: Select the OSN 6800 device, and click DCC Management in the Function Tree. In DCC rate configurations, delete the GCC12_18 channel on the OSN 6800 port corresponding to OSN 1800.

Dispersion compensation rules for OSN 1800 devices
1. Based on the specific fiber type, a DCM module is configured at the transmit end of the OTM site to make a precompensation of 20 km. 2. 100% compensation is performed for line dispersion using the DCM module that is selected based on the fiber type. The dispersion topology is adjusted under certain conditions to reduce the number of OAs. 3. At the receive end of the OTM site, the residual dispersion after compensation must meet the specifications of the OSNR optimization requirements. The DCM module at the receive end should be replaced by two DCM modules, one of which should be a DCM-A (20 km) or DCM-T (10 km) module and located at the upper-level OLA site to adjust or optimize the system dispersion window. 4. When the actual OSNR is higher than the value specified in the table by 2 dB or more, there is no need to replace the DCM module in step 3.

UPM monitoring for OSN 8800 on the NMS
UPM monitoring for OSN 8800 cannot be performed using the NMS.

Maximum power consumption of OSN 1800 devices?
The maximum power consumption of OSN 1800 II is 300 W.

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