Fiber connections of the OBU board on an OSN 6800


Fiber connections of the OBU board on an OSN 6800 are as follows: The TC port of the FIU board is connected to the VI port of the OBU board. The VO and IN ports of the OBU board are connected. The OUT port of the OBU board is connected to the IN port of the D40 board.

Other related questions:
Launch power adjustment of the OBU board on OSN 6800
The gain of an OBU board is fixed , but the gain of an OAU board is adjustable and gain locking and power locking are supported.

Adjustment of the transmit optical power of the OBU board on OSN 6800 devices
The gain of the OBU board is fixed and that of the OAU board is adjustable. They support the power-locking and gain-locking modes.

Methods for querying and deleting logical fiber connections on an OptiX OSN 6800 board by using commands
Command for querying: :cfg-get-fibermgr:SrcNeid,SrcBid,DstNeid,DstBid. Command for deleting: :cfg-del-fibermgr:SrcNeid,SrcBid,SrcPort,DstNeid,DstBid,DstPort.

Whether there are special pigtail requirements of intra-site fiber connections on the OSN 6800
There are no special pigtail requirements except that the pigtails must be clean and free of any visual damage.

Whether it is feasible to replace OBU in the OSN 6800 with OAU
OAU boards have greater gain than OBU boards. Replacing OBU with OAU will increase the line gain. Large gain, however, will introduce noises. Therefore, the replacement is not recommended. You are advised to use Huawei professional WDM network optimization service to evaluate the entire network performance before determining a replacement solution.

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