Command for deleting logical boards on OSN 1800



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Command for changing the IP address of an OSN 1800 NE
To set the IP address of an OSN 1800 NE, run the cm-set-ip command.

Logical ports of the ND2 boards on OSN 8800
Port 51-1/2/3/4 indicates an ODU1 logical port and port 71 indicates an ODU2 logical port.

Command used to configure the TNF1OBU board on OSN 1800 to forcibly emit light
Question: During the on-site deployment of OSN 1800, the TNF1OBU board is needed to forcibly emit wide-spectrum light to test the channel attenuation of the X40 board. However, the NE whose version is does not support the cfg-set-oaworkmode:bid,0xff,2,1,powerlock command. Answer: The NE does not support the original working mode of the OBU board. Run the following command to reconfigure the working mode of the OBU board: :woptp:$bid,1,83,1,17,08,1,0,1,00,00,00,64# In the preceding command, para3:0 indicates the gain mode, 1 indicates the current mode, 2 indicates the power mode. The last four bits of the power mode are valid. The decimal number of 64 is 100, which indicates that the optical power of the light emitted forcibly is 10 dBm.

Methods for querying and deleting logical fiber connections on an OptiX OSN 6800 board by using commands
Command for querying: :cfg-get-fibermgr:SrcNeid,SrcBid,DstNeid,DstBid. Command for deleting: :cfg-del-fibermgr:SrcNeid,SrcBid,SrcPort,DstNeid,DstBid,DstPort.

Application of CWDM boards on OSN 1800
In the case of a CWDM and DWDM hybrid network, the 1531 nm and 1551 nm wavelengths in the CWDM system must be reserved for the expansion to the DWDM system. The optical ports for the 1531 nm and 1551 nm wavelengths can be extended to access 10 and 16 DWDM wavelengths respectively. That is, a total of 26 DWDM wavelengths can be extended.

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