Description of a host reset record


How to handle the host reset record errlog?
Run the #591067:errlog; command to search for keyword cm_lanapp.
The host is reset because the Ethernet communication on the external host is abnormal or the communication port is blocked.
Disconnect the Ethernet connection.
Suggestion and conclusion:
1. In the returned error record, check whether the number of NEs used for ECC communication (including extended ECC communication) exceeds the limit. Pay attention to the number of NEs that are widely used in extended ECC communication in the WDM system.
2. Check whether a switch (or a hub) is connected to the system control board and whether other devices sharing the same IP address with the host is connected. Disconnect the device in time if it is found.
3. Solve the broadcast domain problem to prevent the host receiving a large volume of broadcast data.

Other related questions:
Values of RESETTYPE in board reset records of Metro 1000 devices
Question: In the output of the :dbms-query:"cfg_brr.dbf",drdb command for querying board reset records, what do values 0, 1, and 2 of the RESETTYPE parameter mean? Answer: The meanings of the parameter values are as follows: 1: cold reset 2: warm reset 0: neither cold reset nor warm reset (The corresponding record is generated by default.)

Reset types in the Errorlog records of the system control boards on the OSN 9500
Question: In OSN 9500 V100R001B01, the following information is displayed after the Errlog command is issued: No.71: 2006-4-17 15:45:40 BOARD=47 TYPE=0xf0000004 SOFTTYPE=2 What does TYPE mean in the command output? Answer: TYPE: reset type. The definitions are as follows: #define VOS_RST_ERASE_FPGA 0x1 /*A reset clears the FPGA and triggers switching.*/ #define VOS_RST_ERASE_STRING 0x2 /*A reset clears records and triggers switching.*/ #define VOS_RST_COLD_BOOT 0x4 /*The board is powered on and switching is triggered.*/ #define VOS_RST_DOGRESET 0x10 /*Watchdog reset*/ #define VOS_RST_RECONLY 0x100 /*Only reset information is recorded but no reset is performed.*/ #define VOS_RST_SOFTDOGRESET 0x200 /*Software watchdog reset*/ #define VOS_RST_VALID 0xf0000000 /*A reset is successful.*/ SOFTTYPE: type of the reset software. Valid values are as follows: 1: BIOS 2: NE software 3: board software

Querying of the reset records of NG WDM devices
Run the :errlog command to query reset records of NEs and the :mon-get-errlog:bid command to query reset records of boards.

Commands used to query reset records of an NG WDM device
Run the :errlog command to query the reset records of an NE. Run the :mon-get-errlog:bid command to query the reset records of a board.

Whether the RESET button on the TN16XCH or TN16UXCM board implements a warm reset or a cold reset on the board
A warm reset.

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