Passive boards whose fiber removal operation affects services


Is there any impact on services if an optical fiber that does not carry services on the main optical path is removed from a passive board such as FIU on a BWS 1600G NE?
The following information helps select appropriate time to perform network operations. During the operation, ensure that the correct fiber jumper is removed. Otherwise, services are affected. Root cause:
Based on the design specifications, services are not affected by a fiber removal operation on the following boards: ITL, SCS, GFU, MR2, MB2, MR8, FIU (E1/E2/E3), and DSE.
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Are services affected when one CSS cable is removed from a CSS composed of S series modular switches
Removing a CSS cable results in packet loss in a CSS. The bandwidth cannot meet the requirements when there is heavy traffic.

Reset modes supported by an EGS2 board on an OSN 3500
Reset modes supported by an EGS2 board on an OSN 3500: 1. Warm reset: An N2EGS2 board supports a warm reset, which interrupts services. An N3EGS2 board supports a warm reset, which does not affect services.After an N2EGS2 board is replaced with an N3EGS2 board by using the board version replacement function, a warm reset is supported, which does not affect services. 2. Cold reset: supported. A cold reset interrupts services.

Impact of enabling ASON on live-network services
Enabling ASON only does not affect live-network services. Node IDs, however, must be set before you enable ASON. If you set node IDs after enabling ASON, NEs will be reset and live-network services will be affected.

Whether services are affected if an OSN 8800 fan board is removed
Removing the fan board from the subrack will sharply increase the temperature inside the subrack, adversely affecting stable equipment running. Services may be affected and even equipment may be damaged.

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