NO_BD_PARA alarm on an OAU board on an OSN 6800 NE


Why an OAU board reports a NO_BD_PARA alarm on an OSN 6800 NE of version V100R003 for which ALC is configured?
Root cause:
ALC is inappropriately configured. As a result, the computed value of a required parameter exceeds the maximum OAU gain (31 dB). There is a bug in the software processing mechanism. Due to this bug, when an OAU board uses the extended gain, the value of computed pump current exceeds the maximum value. As a result, a critical alarm is reported. When the software computes the drop-wavelength parameter table and the computed turning point current exceeds the rated current value, the rated current value is used as the turning point current value.
This issue is not triggered under normal configurations. If this issue is triggered, there is no impact on services or functions, and the issue can be rectified by modifying configurations.
Version in which the issue has been resolved: V100R003C02B028

Other related questions:
Split ratio calculation for the MON port of the OAU board on OSN 6800
The split ratio between the MON port and the OUT port is 1:99. In other words, the optical power of the MON port is 20 dB lower than that of the OUT port, which is calculated using the following formula: Pout (dBm) �?Pmon (dBm) = 10 x lg(99/1) = 20 dB.

Board-side status after alarm suppression is enabled on an OSN 6800 NE
Question: There is no other alarm except R_LOS on an NS2 board on an OSN 6800 NE. Does the running status indicator of the board turn red or green if the R_LOS alarm is suppressed on the NMS? Does the indicator on the system control board turn red or green? Does the indicator on the top of the cabinet turn red or green? Analysis: None Root cause: None Answer: Generally, an NE on which alarm suppression is enabled does not monitor related alarms. The suppressed alarms are not reported on either the U2000 or NE. The indicator status, however, varies according to NE types. The OSN 6800 uses the alm-set-monevent command to configure alarm suppression on a board, and the indicator on the board and the indicator on the system control board turn green after alarm suppression is enabled. The indicator on the top of the cabinet reflects alarms of the system control board and therefore is green. Suggestion and conclusion: When alarm suppression is enabled on a board on an NG SDH NE and the NE actually still has alarms, the SRV indicator on the board is red. When alarm suppression is enabled on a board on a Metro 2500+ NE and the board has an alarm, the indicator is green.

Whether software loading is required when an OAU board is added to the OSN 6800
If the OAU board version matches the NE version, no software loading is required.

Whether services are adversely affected when the OAU board on the OSN 6800 undergoes a warm reset
Theoretically, a warm reset only restarts the board software and does not adversely affect services.

Whether it is feasible to replace OBU in the OSN 6800 with OAU
OAU boards have greater gain than OBU boards. Replacing OBU with OAU will increase the line gain. Large gain, however, will introduce noises. Therefore, the replacement is not recommended. You are advised to use Huawei professional WDM network optimization service to evaluate the entire network performance before determining a replacement solution.

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