Why users cannot log in to the slave SRU of an AR


If you want to log in to the slave SRU of an AR, you need to remove the master SRU first.

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I cannot log in to the AR router. How is this problem solved
1. By default, a user cannot log in to the AR router. You need to run the authentication-mode command in the VTY view to set the authentication mode. 2. To obtain more operation rights, run the user privilege level command in the VTY view to set the user level. 3. To enable the system to disconnect a user from the VTY interface when the timeout period expires, run the idle-timeout command in the VTY view to set the timeout period.

Why cannot local users be deleted
The online local users cannot be deleted using the undo local-user command. Before deleting a user, run the display access-user command in any view to check whether the user is online. If a user that you wants to delete is online, run the cut access-user command in the AAA view to disconnect the user first.

What Can I Do If I Cannot Log In to My BMS or the BMS Data Disk Is Lost After the BMS Is Started or Restarted?

Question Description

After a BMS is started or restarted, the user cannot log in to the BMS or the BMS data disk is lost.

Possible Causes

The BMS cannot obtain the IP address or the data disk cannot be attached to the BMS because packet loss caused by network congestion occurs.


Restart the BMS. If the fault still exists after you restart the BMS for several times, contact customer service.

Why cannot I log in to a phone in web mode
View the IP address of the phone and verify that the PC and phone are connected properly over the network. To view the IP phone of a phone, choose Apps > Status > Network on the phone home screen. You are advised to use Internet Explorer 8.0 to log in to the web management system of a phone.

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