Which USB models can be used for USB-based deployment


To ensure that the USB flash drive is compatible with the device, Huawei-certified USB flash drives are recommended. The following USB flash drives have passed Huawei certification:
Netac: U208 (4GB)
Kingston: DT108, DT101 (8GB), and DTSE9 (8GB and 16GB)
SanDisk: CZ50 (8GB and 16GB), CZ36 (8GB and 16GB), and CZ43 (16GB)
HP: V250W (8GB and 16GB)
PNY: HOOK Gold Edition (16GB and 32GB)

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What are the differences between a mini USB interface and a common USB interface on the AR series
The mini USB interface lies next to the console interface on the device. The mini USB interface supports the similar functions as the console interface and is used for configuring the device that is powered on for the first time. The USB interface is used to connect to a USB flash drive for device deployment and system file loading. All series ARs except the AR150&160&200 series provide a mini USB interface.

How to make an index file and implement deployment using a USB disk
Before deployment using a USB disk, check whether an index file is available on the USB disk. Edit the index file to implement deployment using the USB disk. You can edit the index file on a PC. Specific procedure is as follows: 1. Create a new text document. 2. Edit the index file content. 3. Name the text document USB_AR.ini. 4. Copy the text document USB_AR.ini to the USB disk, and save the file under the root directory.

Can the ViewPoint 9030 connect to a USB speaker?
The ViewPoint 9030 cannot connect to a USB speaker. The USB port of the ViewPoint 9030 can connect to only the 3G data card or power supply.

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