Automatic fiber monitoring function of WDM devices


The TN12ST2 board can implement the fiber detection function.

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Configuration of alarm information for incorrect optical fiber connections on WDM products
On OTN devices, the OTS-layer TTI bytes can be set on FIU boards to support incorrect connection detection for an OTS section. When incorrect connections are detected, OSC boards report alarms. This function is disabled by default. You can manually enable the function and set the TTI bytes. 1. Enable the OTS_TIM alarm monitoring function. 2. Configure the TTI bytes on both ends of the OTS section. When the OTS optical fiber connection is abnormal, the OTS_TIM alarm will be reported.

Whether fibers of NG WDM NEs support automatic discovery
This function is unavailable on optical-layer boards.

Difference between logical fibers on a WDM/OTN device and those on an MSTP/SDH device
Each logical fiber on an SDH device represents a pair of physical fibers and each logical fiber on a WDM device represents one physical fiber.

Whether the OSPF protocol is supported by WDM devices and functions of the OSPF protocol
The OSPF protocol is required in the IP over DCC solution used in the DCN communication between WDM devices. The OSPF protocol is a dynamic routing protocol based on link status. It divides an AS (Autonomous System) into several areas. Route nodes exchange routing information in an area. The route nodes at the edge of an area make summary and exchange information with the routers in other areas. Each area is identified by different IDs and the area IDs have the same format as the IP addresses. Currently, the OSPF protocol of a WDM device supports only intra-area routes but does not support inter-area routes. Therefore, the gateway NE and non-gateway NEs managed by the protocol must be in the same OSPF area. By default, the line port of a WDM device is enabled with the OSPF protocol but the Ethernet port is not enabled with the OSPF protocol. To form a network through the Ethernet port, you need to modify the OSPF setting of the NE. In addition to the dynamic routing protocol, the NE supports static routes, which are manually configured. Static routes have a higher priority than dynamic routes. When a route conflict occurs, the device selects static routes.

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