Whether WDM devices can detect client-side device types or VLAN IDs


Services are transparently transmitted regardless of VLAN IDs.

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Whether fiber connections between NEs of OSN 6800 devices can be synchronized to the NMS
On the NMS, you can choose Fiber/Cable/Microwave Link > WDM Fiber/Cable Synchronization to synchronize the fiber connections between NEs of OSN 6800 devices.

Types of services that can be received at the client side of the LSX board
The LSX board supports the following types of services: 10GE LAN: Ethernet service at a rate of 10.31 Gbit/s 10GE WAN: Ethernet service at a rate of 9.95 Gbit/s STM-64/OC-192: SDH/SONET service at a rate of 9.95 Gbit/s OTU2: OTN service at a rate of 10.71 Gbit/s OTU2e: OTN service at a rate of 11.1 Gbit/s (supported only by TN13LSX/TN14LSX) FC1200: SAN service at a rate of 10.51 Gbit/s (supported only by TN12LSX/TN13LSX/TN14LSX)

Method used to determine whether optical fiber connections are correct between a router and a WDM board on the client-side of WDM equipment
Disable the ALS function for the client-side laser of the WDM board and enable the laser to forcibly emit light. If the optical port on the router receives optical signals, the optical fiber in the transmit direction is correctly connected. Stop the router from emitting light. If the WDM board reports an R_LOS alarm, the optical fiber in the receive direction is correctly connected.

Whether WDM devices support SNMP interfaces
The U2000, an NMS system for managing WDM devices, provides a variety of northbound interfaces (NBIs) for access to different operations support systems (OSSs). In the network architecture, the OSS is above the U2000 and manages NEs through the U2000. The U2000 communicates with the OSS through NBIs, such as XML, CORBA, SNMP, and performance text, to achieve quick integration with the carrier OSS.
  • Huawei iManager U2000 Northbound SNMP Interface User Guide
  • describes the details about the SNMP interfaces and the guide for interconnection with the NMS.

    Whether WDM devices support VPN services
    WDM devices support multiple types of VPN services and multiple solutions are available to achieve the support for VPN services.

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