Port use of DCP boards on OTN devices


One DCP board is equivalent to two OLP boards, and two protection groups can be configured for the DCP board.

Other related questions:
Protection implemented by TOM and DCP boards
Intra-board 1+1 protection can be implemented when the TOM board works with the DCP board.

Functions of the DCP board
The DCP board is a two-channel OLP protection board. One DCP board provides the function of dual feeding and selective receiving for two channels of signals. The DCP board can implement intra-board 1+1 protection, client 1+1 protection, and OWSP protection.

Redundant range of an OTU board on an OTN device
The suggested redundant range is 10 km to 30 km.

Switching time of protection configured using DCP boards
The DCP board can be used to configure inter-subrack 1+1 optical channel protection and extended intra-board wavelength protection. The protection switching time is less than 50 ms and meets the ITU-T standards.

OTN boards that involve traffic control parameters to communicate with datacom devices
LEM24, LEX24, and TEM28 boards support traffic control settings.

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