Command for changing NE IP addresses of OSN 1800 devices


The cm-set-ip command can set NE IP addresses.

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Dispersion compensation rules for OSN 1800 devices
1. Based on the specific fiber type, a DCM module is configured at the transmit end of the OTM site to make a precompensation of 20 km. 2. 100% compensation is performed for line dispersion using the DCM module that is selected based on the fiber type. The dispersion topology is adjusted under certain conditions to reduce the number of OAs. 3. At the receive end of the OTM site, the residual dispersion after compensation must meet the specifications of the OSNR optimization requirements. The DCM module at the receive end should be replaced by two DCM modules, one of which should be a DCM-A (20 km) or DCM-T (10 km) module and located at the upper-level OLA site to adjust or optimize the system dispersion window. 4. When the actual OSNR is higher than the value specified in the table by 2 dB or more, there is no need to replace the DCM module in step 3.

Command for changing the IP address of an OSN 1800 NE
To set the IP address of an OSN 1800 NE, run the cm-set-ip command.

Methods for changing NE names of 1600G devices using commands
You can run the :cfg-set-nename:64 command to change the NE ID.

Command for deleting logical boards on OSN 1800

Changing NE IDs and IP addresses
ECC protocol identifies NEs by NE ID. The U2000 also identifies NEs by NE ID and uses NE ID as a keyword for search. A unique NE ID must be assigned for each NE during network planning. NE ID conflicts cause ECC route collision, which will result in unreachability of some NEs. In a commissioning or expansion process, you can change NE IDs using the U2000 if required when the original network plan is modified.

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