Command used to configure the wavelength of BWS 1600G


Run the :cfg-set-wavelenexp command to configure the wavelength of BWS 1600G.

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Command for configuring wavelengths on BWS 1600G devices
On BWS 1600G devices, run the cfg-set-wavelenexp command.

Conditions for the MCA board of the BWS 1600G to determine a wavelength loss and report the CHAN_LOS alarm
Question: What is the condition for the MCA board to report the CHAN_LOS alarm when wavelength monitoring configurations are correct? CHAN_LOS Answer: The MCA board determines a wavelength loss when it detects the following wavelength conditions: 1. The optical power is lower than -40 dBm. 2. The optical power is greater than 5 dBm. 3. A wavelength exceeds the standard wavelength by ±0.14 nm. 4. The signal-to-noise ratio is smaller than 7.5 dB. 5. If the difference between the maximum and minimum optical power is greater than 10 dB, the MCA board determines that the wavelength with the minimum optical power is lost.

Whether the SC2 board on BWS 320G can be used on BWS 1600G
The SC2 board on BWS 320G cannot be used on BWS 1600G.

Wavelength scanning results of MCA boards on BWS 1600G
Generally, the SNR AFEC is around 15. If center wavelength deviation is detected, an alarm is generated.

Whether OSN 6800 boards can be used in the BWS 1600G
No NG WDM board can be used in the BWS 1600G.

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