Meaning of CFM


CFM is short for connectivity fault management. It is also called as Ethernet service OAM, and focuses on E2E Ethernet services.

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LED meaning of METRO1000
run- green led flash one time per 2 second : equipment normal status flash one time per 4 second : database under protected ;communication down between card and contoller flash five time per 1 second :card under install status; program loading /start flash two time per 1 second : delete controller software

Meanings of the INTRA_OTU_STA_INDI alarm
INTRA_OTU_STA_INDI is an alarm indicating the OTU intra-board 1+1 protection status. It specifies whether the current active channel is faulty and whether protection switching is triggered. The alarm parameters indicate the specific protection switching cause. An INTRA_OTU_PS alarm is generated to switch services from the working channel to the protection channel only when protection switching is triggered by a forcible or manual switching command, or by a fault. 1. Will the alarm be generated when the working channel is faulty and protection switching occurs?—Yes. Both INTRA_OTU_STA_INDI and INTRA_OTU_PS alarms will be generated. 2. Will the alarm be generated when the protection channel is faulty and protection switching does not occur?—Yes, the INTRA_OTU_STA_INDI alarm will be reported. 3. Will the alarm be generated when both the working and protection channels are faulty?—Yes. In this scenario, protection switching does not occur. 4. Will the alarm be generated in forcible protection switching mode?—Yes. The alarm is generated when a forcible switching command is issued and an INTRA_OTU_PS alarm is generated when the forcible protection switching is successful.

Meaning of EFM
EFM is short for Ethernet in the First Mile. It is also called as Ethernet port OAM or Ethernet link OAM. EFM focuses on point-to-point (E2E) Ethernet links. In addition, it is also called IEEE 802.3ah OAM or ETH-OAM (IEEE 802.3ah) based on the standards compliance.

Meaning of an ODU_AIS alarm
An ODU_AIS alarm indicates ODU-layer alarm indication signals. When this alarm is generated, the entire ODU channel is unavailable.

What is a SiteCall?
The SiteCall conference indicates that an endpoint (that is, participant) invites other endpoints to join a multipoint videoconferencing. Before operations, you need to verify that the participant who initiates a SiteCall is online on the SMC2.0 and the organization of the participant has sufficient MCU resources. For details about the operations, log in to, search for SMC2.0, download the product documentation, and choose Operation and Maintenance > Administrator Guide > Conference Management > Initiating a Conference from an Endpoint.

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