Whether two GE services on two TOM boards can be cross-connected to the same ODU1 timeslot on an ND2 board


The cross-connections between the TOM and ND2 boards are ODU1 cross-connections, which occupy the entire ODU1 timeslot. Therefore, two GE services on two TOM boards cannot be cross-connected to the same ODU1 timeslot of an ND2 board.

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Whether two NS2 boards are required for the ring protection of the TOM board
When ring protection is configured for services on the TOM board, if ODUk SNCP protection is configured, two NS2 boards are required to achieve dual feeding and selective receiving for routes in different directions.

Cross-connection level of the services on the TOM board
ODUk cross-connections are configured on the TOM board. For details about the service grooming mode in each scenario, see the multimedia in "Logical Ports" in the product documentation.

Method used to query the service cross-connection configurations of the TOM board
1. Select the NE in the NE Explorer, and choose Configuration > WDM Service Management from the navigation tree. 2. On the WDM Cross-Connection Configuration tab, click Query to view the cross-connection configuration of the corresponding board.

ODU1 cross-connections failing to be created on the TN52TOM board of OSN 6800 where no cross-connection is configured
The TN52TOM board does not support distributed ODU1 cross-connections.

Whether the TN52TDX board supports ODU1 cross-connections
The TN52TDX board supports only ODU2 cross-connections.

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