Whether ports on the TN52TOG boards support autonegotiation


TN52TOG boards support only the 1000M full-duplex mode but not the autonegotiation mode.

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Whether the USG9000 series supports cross-board port mirroring
The USG9000 series does not support cross-board port mirroring.

Whether an EMS2 board on an OSN 3500 supports flow control on ports
An EMS2 board on an OSN 3500 supports flow control on ports: 1. Auto-negotiation flow control: supported (not supported by FE optical ports) 2. Non-auto-negotiation flow control: supported

Whether ODU0 services can be configured on the TN52TOG boards on OSN 6800 devices
OSN 6800 devices do not support ODU0 cross-connections.

Whether each port on the TOM board supports a maximum of 10GE rate
No, the rate of a single port of the TOM board does not support a maximum of 10GE rate. The rate of its single client-side port cannot exceed 2.5 Gbit/s.

Service encapsulation modes supported by the TN52TOG board
The TN52TOG board can encapsulate GE services into GE(TTT-GMP) or GE (GFP-T) services.

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