Meaning of the PWE3 service on the NMS


The PWE3 service on the NMS means the VPWS service, that is, E-line services carried over PWs.

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How does deny/permit for an ACL rule mean in different service modules
The meaning of deny/permit for an ACL rule varies with service modules. For details, see the URL: .

How can I obtain switch configurations through an NMS when the IP address of the NMS is on a VPN
Solution When an NMS manages a switch through a VPN, switch management information needs to be sent to the NMS through a VPN instance. You can run the set net-manager vpn-instance command to configure the default VPN instance for the NMS to manage the switch so that the switch can use this VPN instance to communicate with the NMS. Precautions - Before running this command, ensure that a VPN instance has been created successfully on the switch. - After this command is configured, commands that you have configured for file transfers over FTP, TFTP, or SFTP only take effect in the default VPN instance. - If the switch has been configured as a log host, the NMS can receive logs from the switch through the default VPN instance.

What does the number of accounts in the U1900 simple card number service mean?
The number of accounts indicates the number of users who use the account at the same time.

What is the meaning of Secretary Service
The secretary feature allows a secretary to manually filter calls made to a manager. Calls made to a manager are first forwarded to a secretary. The secretary's phone rings, and the manager's phone does not ring. The secretary answers the call and determines whether to forward the call to the manager. One secretary number corresponds to one manager number, and the two numbers belong to the same PBX. Only the secretary can directly dial the manager number.

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