Whether the optical module on a TOA board is pluggable


The optical modules on TOA boards are pluggable and support multiple rates.

Other related questions:
Whether the SS49SCBC01 board supports pluggable optical modules
The STM-4 optical port type of the SS49SCBC01 board is SC and therefore the board does not support pluggable optical modules.

Whether the optical module of the OSN 8800 ST2 board is pluggable
The ST2 board supports the 1511 nm or 1491 nm pluggable optical module.

Pluggable optical modules
Pluggable optical modules (eSFP, SFP+, XFP, and CFP) apply to optical communication systems. They achieve conversion between optical signals and electrical signals, and support hot swap.

Whether an OTU board supports optical module replacement with an optical module of another wavelength
For OTU boards supporting pluggable SFP optical modules, the wavelength information depends on the optical modules, and therefore their optical modules can be replaced with optical modules of other wavelengths.

Whether all WDM boards support pluggable optical modules
No, not all WDM boards support pluggable optical modules. Only some boards in specified hardware versions support pluggable optical modules.

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