Products included in OTN equipment


Currently, Huawei OTN devices include OSN 1800, OSN 3800, OSN 6800, OSN 8800, and OSN 9800.

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Trigger conditions of the CHAN_LOS alarm on OTN equipment
The possible causes are as follows: 1. A monitored wavelength is not received actually. 2. The laser on the related board at the peer-end site is off. 3. Optical power variations of the monitored wavelengths are too large. 4. The multiplexing or amplifier unit connected to the MCA board has an overly large attenuation value. 5. The OTU board in the upstream direction of the MCA board is faulty. 6. The MCA board that reports the alarm is faulty.

Supported protection schemes at the OTN layer of Huawei OTN equipment
The following protection schemes are supported at the OTN layer of Huawei OTN equipment: client 1+1 protection, intra-board 1+1 protection, OLP, ODUk SNCP, tributary SNCP, and ODUK SPRing.

Whether OTN equipment supports tangent ring networking
Yes, OTN equipment supports tangent ring networking.

Difference between conventional WDM equipment and OTN equipment
Both of them use the DWDM technology. The difference between them lies in that OTN equipment can achieve electrical cross-connection scheduling for various types of services.

Products included in the IT Product Graph Library
Products in the IT Product Graph Library include: Products in the IT Product Graph Library include storage, servers, cabinets, and Fibre Channel switches. Storage products include: T series, Dorado, 18000 series, 9000, and 5300 V3/5500 V3/5600 V3/5800 V3/6800 V3/6900 V3. Server products include: RH series, E9000, E6000, and X8000. In addition, common cabinets and SNS Fibre Channel switches are also included. With the launch of new products, the products in the IT Product Graph Library also change accordingly. The latest contents displayed on the page prevail.

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