Reason for the overhead settings for the working channel of an ODUk SNCP protection group mismatch the protection group layer settings


During ODUk SNCP protection configuration, OTN overhead is configured based on the selected protection subtype. If overhead is incorrectly configured, the mismatch issue will occur.

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ODUk SNCP protection switching conditions
ODUk SNCP is classified into SNC/I, SNC/N, and SNC/S. The difference between the three protection schemes lies in that they have different monitoring capabilities and therefore have different trigger conditions.

Method used to handle the error message indicating a mismatch between the working channel overhead setting and protection group layer (error code: 41907) during SNCP configuration on the OSN 6800
Verify that the non-intrusive monitoring at the PM layer of the line board is enabled.

Principles of ODUk SNCP protection
Generally, ODUk SNCP protection needs to be configured using one tributary board and two line boards to implement dual feeding and selective receiving of ODUk services in the OTN network.

Switching time of ODUk SNCP protection
The switching time of ODUk SNCP protection cannot exceed 50 ms, excluding the detection time.

Whether services on the protection channel of an intra-board 1+1 protection group can be manually switched to the working channel
Sure. Intra-board 1+1 protection is generally unidirectional and non-revertive. Therefore, services need to be manually switched back to the working channel when the working channel is normal.

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