Dealing with the failure to scan wavelengths using the OMCA


The board hardware may be faulty. You are advised to replace the OMCA board.

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Wavelength scanning results of MCA boards on BWS 1600G
Generally, the SNR AFEC is around 15. If center wavelength deviation is detected, an alarm is generated.

Software to implement the wavelength monitoring and management of OMCA boards
To implement high-precision OSNR measurement of boards such as OMCA, you need to configure the OD function on the NMS. The OD function is available only after an OD wavelength monitoring and management license is loaded.

Method used to save the wavelength information scanned by the MCA4 board
After the scanned information is displayed, click Print. In the window that is displayed, right-click and choose Select All from the shortcut menu, copy the information, and paste it to an Excel file.

Method used to troubleshoot the failure of scanning for LUNs
Method used to troubleshoot the failure of scanning for LUNs: 1. Ensure that the network connection is correct. 2. On iSCSI networks, ensure that networks are normal and ping packets are not lost. 3. On Fibre Channel networks, ensure that the rate of ports on the host and array complies with the negotiated one. 4. Check whether configurations on the host and array are correct, including the mapping and initiator configurations. 5. On iSCSI networks, if the version of the host initiator is early, update the initiator software. 6. Check whether the array enters the DFT mode. 7. After the AIX host connects to Fibre Channel cables, to scan for LUNs successfully, you need to restart the host. 8. In SUSE 10 and SUSE 10 SP1, to scan for LUNs successfully, you need to update the iSCSI initiator. 9. If you encounter any other faults, contact technical support engineers.

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