Whether it is normal when the pre-FEC BER of OptiX OSN 8800 is 1E-4, no SNCP switching is triggered but the interconnected base station is out of service


Due to optical cable faults, bit errors are generated but the number of bit errors does not reach the threshold for triggering SNCP switching. Therefore, it is normal that no SNCP switching is performed.

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Whether the TDX board on OptiX OSN 8800 supports GE services
The TDX board on OptiX OSN 8800 does not support GE services.

Whether the loud noise of fans on OptiX OSN 8800 is normal
The noise can be loud when the fan speed is high to achieve desired heat dissipation.

Threshold of the pre-FEC BER that will trigger post-FEC bit errors on LWF boards using the FEC/AFEC function in BWS 1600G devices
When the pre-FEC BER reaches 10E-7, the system will start bit error processing. (The actual error correction limit of Huawei WDM devices can reach around 10E-5 for G.975-compliant FEC, and reach around 10E-3 to 10E-4 for AFEC.)

Value of pre-FEC BER of the LWF board in FEC or AFEC mode on WDM 1600G devices that causes post-FEC BER
When the pre-FEC BER reaches 10E�?, the bit error handling will be initiated. The error correction threshold of Huawei WDM devices can reach around 10E�? for FEC which meets the G.975 protocol standards, and reach around 10E�? to 10E�? for AFEC.

Permitted maximum pre-FEC BER of the FEC function
Theoretically, the maximum pre-FEC BER permitted by the FEC function for the OTU board is 8.27E-5.

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