Method for collaboration of USXH and UXCT


All ODUk signals are sent to the USXH and UXCT boards for processing. OTN service boards are connected to USXH and UXCT boards through backplane buses. When only VC service scheduling is required, the USXH board alone can implement this function and the UXCT board is not required.

Other related questions:
Whether XCT or UXCT is required for scheduling of only VC services only in an OSN 8800 T64 subrack
No, XCT or UXCT is not required in this scenario. This is because that intra-subrack VC services are processed only on the USXH, SXH, and SXM boards.

Powering on an E9000
Power on an E9000 server as follows: ? If the E9000 chassis is not powered on, connect the power cables to the mains supply. The blades, switch modules, and management modules will be powered on with the chassis. ? If the chassis is powered on but the blades, switch modules, and management modules are not installed, install the modules. These modules will be automatically powered on after being installed. ? In routine maintenance, power on or off the blades or switch modules on the MM910 Web interface. For details, see

How can I uninstall the SMC2.0?
For details about the SMC2.0 uninstallation method, choose Start > Control Panel > All Programs > Programs and Features > Uninstallation program and find SMC2.0 uninstallation information.

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