Capacity of an OSN 8800 fiber management tray


The maximum capacity of an OSN 8800 fiber management tray is as follows: A maximum of 40 fibers can be threaded from each side, and the maximum total fiber length is 50 m.

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Automatic fiber monitoring function of WDM devices
The TN12ST2 board can implement the fiber detection function.

Whether there are fiber connections between an NQ2 board and a TOM board on an OSN 8800
There is no fiber connection between an NQ2 board and a TOM board. The two boards are interconnected through a cross-connect board.

Names of management network ports on an OSN 8800
The NM-ETH port of an OSN 8800 is the NMS monitoring port, which uses crossover network cables.

Whether fibers are required to interconnect the TOM and NQ2 boards on the OSN 8800
On the OSN 8800, a TOM board is a tributary board while an NQ2 board is a line board. They are interconnected using cross-connections configured on the NMS instead of using fibers. A cross-connect board is used to achieve the cross-connections between the TOM and NQ2 boards so that services on the two boards can be interconnected.

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