Whether optical power commissioning must address the flatness requirement



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Are CE series switches required to use matching power modules
CE series switches must use matching power modules. Using unmatched power modules may cause unexpected risks. The chassis and power modules adopt foolproof designs to prevent misuse of power modules. For the mapping between CloudEngine chassis models and power modules, see the "Power Module" section in the Hardware Description.

Must DAD be configured
DAD is optional. However, to detect a dual-master condition after a stack splits, it is recommended that DAD be configured after a stack is set up.

Whether the TO/RI ports on NPO2E boards have requirements for optical power
The TO/RI ports on NPO2E boards are connected to filters and therefore they have no requirements for optical power.

Principles for commissioning the optical power of a network carrying both coherent and non-coherent wavelengths
Principally, a coherent network can be commissioned in the same way as a non-coherent network, without considering fiber access scenarios. In a scenario in which 100G coherent wavelengths need to be added on a non-coherent network for capacity expansion, the incident optical power can be reduced to increase the OSNR tolerance of the 100G wavelengths and the transmission distance without electrical regeneration. In this situation, the optical power of single non-coherent wavelengths will be definitely reduced. When this occurs, commission the network according to the network design.

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