Method used to set the wavelength to be monitored by the MCA board


In the NE Explorer, click the desired MCA board and choose Configuration > WDM Interface from the navigation tree. In the pane on the right, click By Board/Port(Channel), and select Monitor Wavelength from the drop-down list.

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Methods used to determine the board wavelengths according to the barcode of the wavelength conversion board
The first five digits in the feature code of a fixed-wavelength OTU board indicate the wavelength. For example, 19300 indicates 193.00 THz.

Whether the MCA board can detect drifting wavelengths
The MCA board can detect the single-wavelength optical power, center wavelength, number of wavelengths on an optical channel, and OSNR. It cannot detect drifting wavelengths.

MCA and OPM boards that can detect the center wavelength
Optical spectrum analyzer boards provide in-service centralized monitoring of optical signals. The boards support the following optical signal counters: optical power, center wavelength/frequency, and OSNR. The supported optical signal counters vary according to spectrum analyzer boards.

Methods for setting the working wavelength of an LWC board
The :ptp:Hexbid,b3,PP,YY;Hexbid represents the hexadecimal slot number. PP indicates the channel ID, which is 1 except the LWMR number, which ranges from 1 to 2. YY indicates the 320G wavelength number that ranges from 0x15 to 0x64.

Wavelength scanning results of MCA boards on BWS 1600G
Generally, the SNR AFEC is around 15. If center wavelength deviation is detected, an alarm is generated.

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