Function of the rated optical power parameter for OBU1 and OAU1


When optical cross-connections are used, this parameter serves as the reference for automatic optical power adjustment of OPA. When optical amplifier units and ROADM units are used in a network, you need to set this parameter for the optical amplifier units.
You need to configure the values of the rated input and output optical power of the optical amplifier units to be the same as the values measured when the optical amplifier units operate normally.
When the function of automatic optical power adjustment is enabled, this parameter affects the optical power budget of the optical path of the system.

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How to view optical power parameters
Run the display transceiver interface command to view optical power parameters. For example: display transceiver interface gigabitethernet 0/0/1 verbose GigabitEthernet0/0/1 transceiver information: ------------------------------------------------------------- Common information: Transceiver Type :1000_BASE_SX_SFP Connector Type :LC Wavelength(nm) :850 Transfer Distance(m) :300(50um),150(62.5um) Digital Diagnostic Monitoring :YES Vendor Name :SumitomoElectric Ordering Name : ------------------------------------------------------------- Manufacture information: Manu. Serial Number :88K056C10353 Manufacturing Date :2008-08-08 Vendor Name :SumitomoElectric ------------------------------------------------------------- Diagnostic information: Temperature(??C) :26.00 Temp High Threshold(??C) :85.00 Temp Low Threshold(??C) :-40.00 Voltage(V) :3.29 Volt High Threshold(V) :3.64 Volt Low Threshold(V) :2.95 Bias Current(mA) :4.57 Bias High Threshold(mA) :9.00 Bias Low Threshold(mA) :2.00 RX Power(dBM) :-40.00 RX Power High Threshold(dBM) :0.00 RX Power Low Threshold(dBM) :-16.99 TX Power(dBM) :-5.03 TX Power High Threshold(dBM) :-2.22 TX Power Low Threshold(dBM) :-6.99 -------------------------------------------------------------

Whether the X40 board supports the optical power query function
The X40 board is a multiplexer board and does not support the optical power query function.

OAU1 board modules
The OAU1 board includes the following modules: an EDFA optical module, a driver and detection module, a control and communication module, and a power supply module.

Signal flow on the OAU1 board
One multiplexed optical signal received through the IN port is sent to the EDFA optical module. The EDFA optical module amplifies the optical power of the signal and locks the gain of the signal. The signal is added to the DCM board through the TDC port for color dispersion compensation. Then the signal is sent to the RDC port. At last, the amplified multiplexed signal is output through the OUT port. A multiplexed signal can be also input through the VI port, processed for optical power adjustment, and output through the VO port. Then the IN port receives the multiplexed signal sent through the VO port.

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