Function of the six small cotton swabs delivered together with equipment


They are used to clean optical ports. You can insert a small cotton swab into an optical port and gently turn the cotton swab around. Do not use too much strength to prevent damage to the optical port sleeve.

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Whether copper fittings are equipped for cabinets delivered to sites
Copper fittings are not pre-installed on PDUs during delivery. The TN16PDU consists of two parts: A and B, which back up each other. Parts A and B each receive four �?8 V/�?0 V power supplies and output four power supplies for subracks in the cabinet. Whether copper fittings are required is determined by the current of the power supplied by the power supply equipment in the equipment room: When eight 63 A power supplies are provided, no copper fitting is required. When four 125 A power supplies are provided, copper fittings are required for dividing each 125 A power supply into two 63 A power supplies.

What is the function of the U1900 equipment ID (EID)?
The EID is used for the checking the license usage of the U1900. Each phone or terminal occupies at least one EID.

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