Whether the MCA board can detect drifting wavelengths


The MCA board can detect the single-wavelength optical power, center wavelength, number of wavelengths on an optical channel, and OSNR. It cannot detect drifting wavelengths.

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Incorrect wavelength detected by the MCA/MS2 board for the OTU board of the Super WDM
The implementation of the Super WDM system is different from that of the common WDM system in the line modulation format of the transmit part. The Super WDM system uses the CRZ encoding format while the common WDM system uses the NRZ encoding format. These two modulation formats have different spectral widths and shapes in the corresponding frequency domains. For the NRZ encoding format, the width of �?0 dB spectrum is about 0.2 nm to 0.3 nm, and the spectral shape is shown in Figure 1. For the CRZ encoding format, the width of �?0 dB spectrum is about 0.64 nm, and the spectral shape is shown in Figure 2. The existing MCA board cannot select the spectral width of the wavelengths to be scanned, the adjacent wave crests in three wave crests of the LWFS board will be scanned. As a result, the wavelength offset will exceed the threshold.

Meaning of single-wavelength optical power detection range in the optical specifications of the MCA board
The MCA board can be connected to various types of boards. The indicator refers to the single-wavelength optical power input to the MCA board, but not the output optical power of a board that the MCA board monitors.

Whether MCA can detect wavelength shift
No, MCA cannot. WMU provides wavelength monitoring.

MCA and OPM boards that can detect the center wavelength
Optical spectrum analyzer boards provide in-service centralized monitoring of optical signals. The boards support the following optical signal counters: optical power, center wavelength/frequency, and OSNR. The supported optical signal counters vary according to spectrum analyzer boards.

Optical signal indicators detected by the MCA board
Question: What are the optical signal indicators that can be detected by the MCA board? Analysis: None Root cause: None Answer: Optical power, center wavelength, OSNR, and number of channels.

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