Method used to modify GNE configurations on the U2000


On the main menu of the U2000, choose Administration > DCN Management. In the window that is displayed, you can modify parameters such as the GNE type and communication address.

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Method used to modify the IKE algorithm on AR series routers
Huawei AR series routers can be configured with the IKE authentication and encryption algorithms. The configuration procedure is as follows: 1. Run the ike proposal proposal-number command to create an IKE proposal and enter the IKE proposal view. 2. Run the authentication-algorithm { aes-xcbc-mac-96 | md5 | sha1 | sha2-256 | sha2-384 | sha2-512 | sm3 } command to configure an authentication algorithm for the IKE proposal. Starting from V200R002C00, the AR supports aes-xcbc-mac-96. Starting from V200R005C10, the AR supports SHA2-256, SHA2-384, and SHA2-512. Starting from V200R005C00, the AR supports SM3, but the NE16EX series do not support SM3. It is recommended that you do not use MD5 and SHA-1. Otherwise, security defense cannot be met. 3. Run the encryption-algorithm { des-cbc | 3des-cbc | aes-cbc-128 | aes-cbc-192 | aes-cbc-256 | sm4 } command to configure an encryption algorithm for the IKE proposal. Starting from V200R005C90, the AR supports SM4. It is recommended that you should not use DES-CBC and 3DES-CBC. Otherwise, security defense cannot be met.

Method used to modify DHCP on the USG6000
You can view address lease information of the USG6000 on the DHCP server, including the IP address allocated by the DHCP server, the corresponding MAC address, lease validity, and IP address binding type.

Method used to modify the SNCP protection mode
Question: SNCP protection uses the SNC/I mode, which processes only the SM overhead. When the SNC/I mode is used to protect pass-through services, there is a bug in this mode, and you need to change this mode to the SNC/N mode to protect trunk or pass-through services. Answer: 1. Convert SNC/I protection services into common cross-connections. 2. Enable PM non-intrusive monitoring. 3. Convert the common cross-connections into SNCP services.

Method used to query board power consumption on the U2000
On the U2000, choose Configuration > NE Batch Configuration > Power Management from the main menu. Then, click the Board Power tab to query the nominal power consumption and the current power consumption of the board. The nominal power consumption of a board is a fixed value and has been calibrated in board software. The current power consumption of a board is the actual power consumed during board operation. The value is calculated based on the actual voltage and current.

Method used to modify the LUN prefetch policy
Go to the Modify LUN dialog box. In the ISM navigation tree, choose All Devices > SN_XX > Storage Resources > LUN (SN_XX is the name of the target storage system). In the right function pane, select the LUN you want to modify. Click Modify. The Modify LUN dialog box is displayed. Modify the basic and advanced attributes of the LUN.

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