Whether the OSN 8800 V100R007C02 can be used together with the U2000 V100R008C00


Yes, they can be used together.

Other related questions:
Whether the optical supervisory channel (OSC) mode and the electrical supervisory channel (ESC) mode of OSN 8800 devices can be used together
You are not advised to use the OSC and ESC modes together. You can disable the ESC mode through the GCC0 channel on an optical board.

Whether the speed of fans on an OSN 8800 can be adjusted
An OSN 8800 fan tray assembly can work in either of the following modes:
Auto Speed Mode: The fan tray assemblies automatically regulate fan speeds, depending on the subrack temperature.
Adjustable Speed Mode: You can manually adjust the fan speed.
The speed of the fans on an OSN 8800 is adjusted intelligently. The speed levels include high, medium, and low. The fan speed can be adjusted on the CLI. However, it is not recommended that the configurations be modified. The fan speed is intelligently adjusted by the software.

Whether SDH boards can be used in an OSN 8800 slave subrack
SDH boards can be used only in an independent OSN 8800 subrack, but cannot be used in a subrack in master-slave mode.

Whether the OSN 8800 T16/T32 can use 100G boards
Yes, 100G boards such as LSC and LTX can be used in an OSN 8800 T16/T32 subrack.

Whether OSN 9560 uses the same TN52SCC as OSN 8800
Yes. OSN 9560 can use the same TN52SCC as OSN 8800.

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