Whether ODUk SNCP protection switching will fail if logical fiber connections and physical fiber connections are reverse


Yes, ODUk SNCP switching will fail.

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Method used to verify the consistency between physical fiber connections and logical fiber connections on Metro 1000
1. The Metro 1000 V2 does not support query for received J0 bytes. You can change the number of J0 bytes to be transmitted at the local end to be different from the number of J0 bytes to be received at the peer end, and then check whether the J0_MM alarm is reported. 2. You can also insert an MS_AIS alarm and check whether the peer end reports the MS_AIS alarm. Exercise caution because this operation will interrupt services.

ODUk SNCP protection switching conditions
ODUk SNCP is classified into SNC/I, SNC/N, and SNC/S. The difference between the three protection schemes lies in that they have different monitoring capabilities and therefore have different trigger conditions.

Reason for a WAVELEN_OVER alarm reported on the WMU board when physical and logical fiber connections are inconsistent
When physical and logical fiber connections are inconsistent, the wavelength locking function triggers a false wavelength adjustment. As a result, a WAVELEN_OVER alarm is reported.

Command for deleting fiber connections of OTN devices

Switching time of ODUk SNCP protection
The switching time of ODUk SNCP protection cannot exceed 50 ms, excluding the detection time.

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