Whether TN13OAU101 can be used to replace TN11OAU101


On the NMS, a TN13OAU1 board can be created as an OAU1 board. TN13OAU101, TN13OAU103, and TN13OAU105 boards can substitute for TN11OAU101, TN11OAU103, and TN11OAU105 boards respectively without the need of a software upgrade. A TN13OAU1 board that replaces a TN11OAU1 board provides only the functions of the TN11OAU1 board.

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Whether TN12NS2 and TN52NS2 can replace each other
The new boards of OSN 6800 V100R007C02 include TN52NS2T05, TN52NS2T06, TN52NS2T01, TN52NS2M01, and TN52NS2M02. TN52NS2T01 and TN52NS2M02 can replace the TN12NS2 boards.

Whether TN52SCC can replace TN51SCC
Yes, but the board software needs to be upgraded.

Whether TN53ND2 can replace TN52ND2
The TN53ND2 board can be created as 52ND2 or 52ND2 (STND) on the NMS to substitute for the TN52ND2 board without the need of a software upgrade. The substitute board provides only functions of the substituted TN52ND2 board. The TN53ND2 does not support OTU2e services at a rate of 11.3 Gbit/s on the WDM side, and it cannot substitute for the TN52ND2 board.

Which devices can replace the Huawei ViewPoint 8036?
The Huawei ViewPoint 8036 endpoint can be replaced by the Huawei ViewPoint 9000 series endpoint (except for the VP 9030), TE50, and TE60. All the preceding video endpoints (except for the VP 9030) support SD signal input and output.

Whether the firewall can replace SBC do proxy function
firewall can not replace SBC 1. firewall can't achieve the media stream agent function. 2. firewall can't achieve switching function of messages in application layer (sip protocol)

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