The highest optical power acceptable by the LSH, APC, FC, and UPC connectors


Among WDM products, Raman amplifiers output high optical power. Therefore the LSH/APC connectors are recommended for Raman amplifiers. In addition, use fiber splicing, whenever feasible, on the ODF to prevent the interface section from being burned out by laser radiation. When interface section is burned out, reflected laser radiation may burn the amplifier. Customers inquire the power ranges supported by various optical connectors.
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What is the maximum power supported by LSH/APC connectors?
2000 mW (33 dBm) guaranteed by suppliers of Huawei
What is the maximum power supported by FC/UPC?
300 mw (around 25 dBm) according to experience

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What type of connectors (male or female) do 40GE optical fibers have
40GE MPO optical fibers provided by Huawei have female connectors.

Methods for testing optical path bit errors during the acceptance of WDM devices
1. During the system commissioning of devices in back-to-back mode, use pigtails to respectively connect the Rx and Tx ports of the TQX board on the front subrack to the Tx and Rx ports of the corresponding board on the rear subrack. 2. Connect the Rx and Tx ports of the TDX board in the rear subrack at the central site to form a loopback. 3. Connect test instruments to the TI and RO ports of the TDX board on another subrack at the central site to cover most of the paths after the 24-hour bit error test. 4. If another wavelength needs to be tested, connect multiple wavelengths according to the SDH connecting method.

Mini-SAS HD connector
The Mini-SAS HD connector on the mainboard of the RH2288 V3 and RH2288H V3 is used to connect SAS cables from the front hard disk backplane for SoftRAID-based RAID management.

Are the optical transceivers for 4 Gbit/s FC, 8 Gbit/s FC, and 10GE port modules mutually swappable?
No, they are not. If you do so, the port modules may become unavailable.

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