MIB node of CPU usage


The HUAWEI-CPU-MIB file is used to query CPU usage information of the SRU and interface card.
The hwCpuDevTable is used to describe CPU usage.
The OID prefix of the table is
The indexes of the table are hwFrameIndex, hwSlotIndex, and hwCpuDevIndex.

hwCpuDevIndex [1]
This node is used for expansion. On a single-CPU router, this value is 0.
For the SRU, the value 0 indicates the information of the primary core, and a value from 1 to 255 indicates the information of a secondary core.
Example: 5 indicates that the CPU usage of the primary core of the SRU is 27% and the CPU usage of the secondary core 1 is 1%.
1: hwCpuDevDuty.0.0.0 (integer) 27
2: hwCpuDevDuty.0.0.1 (integer) 1
3: hwAvgDuty1min.0.0.0 (integer) 27
4: hwAvgDuty1min.0.0.1 (integer) 1
5: hwAvgDuty5min.0.0.0 (integer) 27
6: hwAvgDuty5min.0.0.1 (integer) 1

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Method of querying CPU usage on an AR router
Query CPU usage by running the following commands on an AR router: - display cpu-usage [ slot slot-id ] Or display cpu-usage [ process process-id ] [ slave ] - display cpu-usage configuration [ slave | slot slot-id ]. This command is used to query configuration information about CPU usage. Query CPU usage based on the NMS OID on an AR router: - hwEntityCpuUsage, querying CPU usage - hwEntityCpuUsageThreshold, querying alarm thresholds for CPU usage Query CPU usage through the web NMS on an AR router: Log in to the web NMS, and choose Device Information > Device Information to view the CPU usage item.

What are the OIDs of CPU and memory usage MIBs on S series switch
On S series switches (except S1700), you can view CPU usage and memory usage through MIB OIDs: - hwEntityCpuUsage, used to query CPU usage - hwEntityCpuUsageThreshold, used to query CPU usage alarm threshold - hwEntityMemUsage, used to query memory usage - hwEntityMemUsageThreshold, used to query memory usage alarm threshold

What is the OID of the MIB object used for CPU usage query
The OID of the MIB object used for CPU usage query is You can use this OID and the corresponding index to query CPU usage of a card.

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