Type of pigtail that the TN13FIU02 board uses to connect to an ODF


The OUT port of the TN13FIU02 board uses an LSH/APC connector, which requires a special type of fiber jumper but does not require fiber splicing.

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Fibers connected using SFIU boards
Each port on the SFIU board supports bidirectional transmission. It can receive or transmit a signal depending on the position of the SFIU board. The optical ports LINE1, LINE2, SYS1, and SYS2 can be used to transmit or receive signals on the main optical path.

Meaning of the label on the pigtail of an NS2 board on an OSN 6800
The contents of the label on a pigtail are as follows: Subrack IDs of the source and sink ports �?slot ID �?board name �?port.

Whether there are special pigtail requirements of intra-site fiber connections on the OSN 6800
There are no special pigtail requirements except that the pigtails must be clean and free of any visual damage.

Types of fibers used to connect the HBA board
LSH/APC connectors and fibers are used on the OUT port of the HBA board, and LC connectors and fibers are used on the IN port of the HBA board.

Method used to query the optical module type of a board
1. Query the board manufacturer information on the NMS. 2. View the barcode of the optical module onsite.

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