Method of querying optical module information on an AR router


Run the display transceiver command on an AR router to query basic information of optical modules, including module type, production SN, and manufacturer.
Run the display transceiver verbose command to query detailed information of optical modules, including receive and transmit power of optical modules.

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Method of querying CPU usage on an AR router
Query CPU usage by running the following commands on an AR router: - display cpu-usage [ slot slot-id ] Or display cpu-usage [ process process-id ] [ slave ] - display cpu-usage configuration [ slave | slot slot-id ]. This command is used to query configuration information about CPU usage. Query CPU usage based on the NMS OID on an AR router: - hwEntityCpuUsage, querying CPU usage - hwEntityCpuUsageThreshold, querying alarm thresholds for CPU usage Query CPU usage through the web NMS on an AR router: Log in to the web NMS, and choose Device Information > Device Information to view the CPU usage item.

Method of querying electronic labels on an AR router
The electronic labels of an AR router are used to identify hardware information of the router, including component barcode, production date, and BOM code. Run the display elabel command to obtain the information.

Method of querying card models on an AR router
Run the display device command or the display elabel command on an AR router to query component types of the router. The card names obtained using these two commands may be different, because the card names obtained by running the display device command are planned in advance but electronic labels are unique IDs of the cards and will not change with software upgrades.

Method used to query the optical module type of a board
1. Query the board manufacturer information on the NMS. 2. View the barcode of the optical module onsite.

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