Functions of the SFIU board


The SFIU board is an optical multiplexing and demultiplexing unit. It multiplexes and demultiplexes signals transmitted over the main optical channel and OSC,
avoiding commissioning and compensation for IEEE 1588v2 signals.

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Fiber connections for the SFIU boards
The fiber connections for SFIU boards vary depending on their positions on the NEs and networks.

Fibers connected using SFIU boards
Each port on the SFIU board supports bidirectional transmission. It can receive or transmit a signal depending on the position of the SFIU board. The optical ports LINE1, LINE2, SYS1, and SYS2 can be used to transmit or receive signals on the main optical path.

Difference between the LINE1 and LINE2 ports of the SFIU board
The LINE1 port of the SFIU board transmits main optical path signals as well as OSC signals, but the LINE2 port transmits only main optical path signals.

OSC boards that can work together with the SFIU board
The OSC board that works with the SFIU board must be ST2, because the ST2 board supports either the 1511 nm or 1494 nm pluggable optical module. When the ST2 board works with the SFIU board, the operating wavelength of its RM1/TM1 port is 1511 nm and that of its RM2/TM2 port is 1491 nm. The SFIU board converges these two monitoring signals so that they can be transmitted over one optical fiber, implementing the commissioning-free and compensation-free functions defined in IEEE 1588v2.

Whether the HBA board can be used together with the SFIU board
No. The HBA board must be used together with the TN13FIU02 board.

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