Weather BWS 1600G can transmit 2-MHz clock signals


The TC1 or TC2 OSC and timing transmission board need to be configured.

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Clock input and output ports of BWS 1600G devices
2 x 75-ohm clock input interfaces receive local 2048 kbit/s or 2048 kHz clock signals. 4 x 75-ohm clock output interfaces transmit 2048 kbit/s or kHz clock signals to local devices.

Whether the BWS 1600G devices can transmit 2 MHz clock signals
Yes. The TC1 or TC2 (optical supervisory and timing transmission board) needs to be configured.

Whether the TN52TDX board can transmit synchronous Ethernet clock signals
The 10GE LAN bit transparent transmission mode can directly map client services into OTU2 frames. Signals are transmitted by increasing the OTU2 frame frequency, and its rate is 11.1 Gbit/s, which is higher than the rate of standard OTU2 signals. In this transmission mode, service clocks are traced as clock sources, the line rate is configured to the speedup mode, and service clocks are transparently transmitted.

Clock input and output interfaces on BWS 1600G
2-channel 75-ohm clock input interfaces input 2048 kbit/s or 2048 kHz local clock signals. 4-channel 75-ohm clock output interfaces output 2048 kbit/s or 2048 kHz local clock signals.

Whether OSN 6800 boards can be used in the BWS 1600G
No NG WDM board can be used in the BWS 1600G.

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