Support for multi-channel signal monitoring by MCA4 boards


The MCA4 board uses a 1 x 4 optical switch, and therefore can monitor the information about one signal, including the wavelength information, optical power, and OSNR.

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Channel spacing of 200G signals
For 10G, 40G, and 100G signals, the channel spacing is 50 GHz for an 80-wavelength system and 100 GHz for a 40-wavelength system. For 200G signals, the flexible grid technology can be used. When the technology is used, wavelength bandwidth is variable. For example, if different modulation methods are used for 200G signals, the required bandwidth is different. For example, it can be 75 GHz or 150 GHz.Flexible ROADM adjusts bandwidth based on signals and grooms the signals to specified directions according to the network configurations.

Types of channel bandwidth supported by OSC boards
In general, OSC boards support the following channel bandwidth: 4.096 Mbit/s, 16.896 Mbit/s, and 155.52 Mbit/s.

Whether the MCA4 board monitors multiple channels concurrently
The MCA4 board uses the 1x4 optical switch and can monitor the wavelength, optical power, and OSNR of only one channel of signals.

Whether the NPO2E board supports electrical monitoring
Yes, the NPO2E board supports electrical monitoring.

Can the MCU built-in web page support multi-channel cascading?
The MCU built-in web page does not support multi-channel cascading. Only the SMC network supports multi-channel cascading.

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