Meanings of LH40 and LH80 in the board list


LH40 and LH80 indicate that the transmission distances of optical modules are 40 km and 80 km respectively.

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What is a fractional channelized board
Currently, the fractional channelized board refers to the 1E1T1-F/2E1T1-F/4E1T1-F/8E1T1-F board. The 1E1T1-F/2E1T1-F/4E1T1-F/8E1T1-F board line contains 32 timeslots that are numbered from 0 to 31. In fractional channelized mode, timeslot 0 is used to transmit synchronous information, and other timeslots can be bundled into a channel set.

VDSL interconnection list
V200R007 and later versions: For details about how to connect VDSL interfaces of the AR129, AR169, AR169G-L, AR169-P-M9 and AR509G-L-D-H routers to other Huawei devices, see the AR Series Router V200R006C10 VDSL Interconnection List. You can log in to Huawei enterprise support website ( to obtain the list based the product model and version.

Meaning of the label on the pigtail of an NS2 board on an OSN 6800
The contents of the label on a pigtail are as follows: Subrack IDs of the source and sink ports �?slot ID �?board name �?port.

Meaning of TPT on the TN1M1LOG01TPT board
The first letter T indicates the tunable wavelength, the second letter P indicates the PIN tube, and the third letter T indicates the DWDM-side light emitting module.

Meaning of the alarm indicator on a board
The alarm indicator on the front panel of the board indicates the running status and alarm status of the board.

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