How do I obtain the ESN of the device


The Electronic Serial Number (ESN) of the device is unique. The ESN of the device is required when you request a license. You can run the display esn command to view the ESN of the device.

Other related questions:
ESN of the FusionInsight software
The Equipment Serial Number (ESN) uniquely identifies a set of equipment for license authorization purposes. You can log in to FusionInsight Manager and choose System > License to view the ESN of a FusionInsight product.

ESN query
Log in to FusionInsight Manager, choose System > Cluster Management > License Management > License, and view the ESN.

How do I query the ESN of an AR
The Equipment Serial Number (ESN) of an AR is unique. When applying for a license, provide the ESN of the AR. You can run the display esn command on the AR to check the ESN.

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