Impact of the fault of the only AUX board in an OSN 8800 subrack


The AUX board implements inter-board and inter-subrack communication, and intra-subrack management. If the board is not equipped with 1+1 protection and becomes faulty, the communication between its resident NE (or subrack) and the U2000 server will be interrupted.

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Whether an ST2 board intended for an OSN 8800 subrack can be installed in an OSN 6800 subrack
An ST2 board intended for OSN 8800 can be used in an OSN 6800 subrack. To use the clock function of an ST2 board, the ST2 board must be inserted to the subrack equipped with clock boards.

Packet board configuration for slave OptiX OSN 8800 subracks
At present, packet boards can be used only in an independent subrack, but not in the master or slave subrack when subracks are configured in the master-slave mode. When packet boards are configured in an OptiX OSN 8800 T32 subrack, the cross-connect board must be TN52UXCH or TN52UXCM, and the system control board must be TN52SCC in the subrack. When packet boards are configured in an OptiX OSN 8800 T16 subrack, the cross-connect board must be TN16UXCM in the subrack.

Relationship between the AUX board and the EFI1 and EFI2 boards on the OSN 8800
The AUX board is connected to the EFI1 and EFI2 boards through the backplane.

Impact if the ST2 board of the OSN 8800 is inserted into an extended OSN 6800 subrack due to insufficient slot resources
Normal optical monitoring can be implemented, but the IEEE 1588v2 feature is affected. In general, no STG board is required on the OSN 6800. If the IEEE 1588v2 function is required, STG boards need to be configured on the OSN 6800.

Whether services are affected if an OSN 8800 fan board is removed
Removing the fan board from the subrack will sharply increase the temperature inside the subrack, adversely affecting stable equipment running. Services may be affected and even equipment may be damaged.

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