Processing of the LAN_LOC alarm reported by the AUX board in a slave subrack


The handling suggestions are as follows:
1. If network cables are normal, check whether the network port related to the alarm needs to be used.
2. If the network port does not need to be used but has been falsely configured as used, choose Communication > Access Control in the NE Explorer. On the page that is displayed, set the ETH/NMETH port to disabled.
3. If the alarm persists, the AUX board may be faulty. When this occurs, replace the AUX board.

Other related questions:
Impact of the fault of the only AUX board in an OSN 8800 subrack
The AUX board implements inter-board and inter-subrack communication, and intra-subrack management. If the board is not equipped with 1+1 protection and becomes faulty, the communication between its resident NE (or subrack) and the U2000 server will be interrupted.

Relationships between the DIP switches on the AUX board and subrack IDs
The jumpers and DIP switches on an AUX board are used to configure subrack IDs. The subrack ID configuration rules vary depending on the AUX boards of different versions.

Reason for the failure to report alarms by boards in a subrack when a large number of SHELF_AREA_POWER_OVER alarms are reported
The SHELF_AREA_POWER_OVER alarm indicates that the nominal power consumption of a subrack section exceeds the specified threshold. This alarm is reported when the total nominal power consumption of boards in a subrack section of an NE is greater than or equal to the power consumption threshold of the subrack section. This alarm is reported on the system control boards, such as SCC and 16XCH/16UXCM. If the alarm is present, the subrack is overloaded. When this occurs, you need to remove boards from the corresponding subrack section as required. If the subrack is running in overloaded state for a long time, the power supply to the subrack may be abnormal or interrupted.

Excessively large wavelength deviation reported by the WMU boards of OSN 6800
Question: The LSX boards with adjustable DRZ reported the WAVE_LEN_OVER alarm, whereas the ones with NRZ fixed wavelengths did not report the alarm. When an optical spectrum analyzer was used for wavelength testing, the wavelength deviations are within the allowed range. No excessively large wavelength deviation is detected. (OSN 6800 NE version, NMS version T2000V2R6) Root cause: None Answer. The wavelengths from the light source of the DRZ adjustable optical modules are controlled by the core temperature without human interference. Wavelength deviation adjustment should not be performed by the software to such modules. V100R003C02B028 does not monitor adjustable optical modules for wavelength deviation, and the deviation threshold was changed from 0.5 GHz to 5 GHz.

Whether universal line boards can be used in slave subracks
No. Universal line boards can be used only in independent subracks, but not in the master or slave subracks.

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