Cause for the BD_STATUS alarm on multiple boards when the AUX board is faulty


The AUX board implements cascading between master and slave subracks (implementing inter-subrack communication). Therefore, if the AUX board is faulty, multiple boards will become offline. You can reset or replace the AUX board to clear the BD_STATUS alarm.

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Cause for the ALM_DATA_RLOS alarm on the LOG board
The ALM_DATA_RLOS alarm indicates that the receive end of the Ethernet port has no data. The board periodically checks the total number of received bytes and compares them with the previous check results. If there is no change, the board does not receive data and therefore reports this alarm.

Processing of the LAN_LOC alarm reported by the AUX board in a slave subrack
The handling suggestions are as follows: 1. If network cables are normal, check whether the network port related to the alarm needs to be used. 2. If the network port does not need to be used but has been falsely configured as used, choose Communication > Access Control in the NE Explorer. On the page that is displayed, set the ETH/NMETH port to disabled. 3. If the alarm persists, the AUX board may be faulty. When this occurs, replace the AUX board.

Possible causes of an ODUK_PM_OCI alarm on a board
The possible causes of an ODUK_PM_OCI alarm on a board are as follows: 1. An ODUK_PM_OCI alarm occurs on the corresponding board in the upstream. 2. A loopback occurs on the peer board. 3. No cross-connections or incorrect cross-connections are configured on the peer board.

Cause of the ALM_DATA_RLOS alarm for the LOG board
The ALM_DATA_RLOS alarm indicates that no data is received on an Ethernet port. The board regularly checks the total number of the received bytes and compares the number this time with the number last time. The alarm is reported when the two numbers are the same, indicating that the board does not receive data.

Cause why a reset of the AUX board on the NMS does not take effect
The AUX board does not have a CPU and it cannot execute the command issued by the NMS.

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