Support for the hybrid networking of OSN 9800 and OSN 8800 electrical subracks


OSN 8800 and OSN 9800 electrical subracks can be used on the same network. On network nodes, OSN 9800 electrical subracks can be used together with the existing OSN 8800 optical and electrical subracks to expand the electrical-layer capacity of the network nodes.

Other related questions:
Whether the OSN 6800/8800/9800 support latency measurement
The OSN 6800/8800/9800 supports latency measurement. Note that not all boards support latency measurement. For details, see "Functions and Features" descriptions of the board in Hardware Description.

Networking of the OSN 8800
The OSN 8800 is a new-generation intelligent product that supports MS-OTN. It is a future-proof product launched to address the IP-based MAN development trend. Using a new architecture, the OSN 8800 supports dynamic optical-layer scheduling and flexible electrical-layer scheduling. In addition, the OSN 8800 features high integration and reliability and supports multi-service transmission. The OSN 8800 applies to long-haul backbone networks, regional backbone networks, local networks, the metro convergence layer, and the metro core layer. The OSN 8800 uses the DWDM technology and CWDM technology to implement multi-service, large-capacity, and transparent transmission.

Networking of the OSN 9800
The OSN 9800 applies to the backbone layer and core layer. It can interwork with the OSN 8800/1800 to form an E2E OTN network, which can be managed uniformly.

Dimensions of an OSN 8800 T32 subrack
The dimensions (H x W x D) are as follows: 900 mm x 498 mm x 295 mm.

Whether one N63B subrack can house two OSN 8800 T32 electrical subracks
No, one N63B cabinet cannot house two OSN 8800 T32 electrical subracks. Instead, it can house only one OSN 8800 T32 electrical subrack and one OSN 8800 T32 optical subrack.

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