Failure to clear the TEMP_OVER alarm from the SCC board on OSN 8800


1. Run the :cfg-get-scc-temperature:bid command to query the actual temperature of the board. The query result is 22.3?C, which is within the normal range.
2. Run the alm-del-curdata:num command to delete the alarm from the NE. The alarm is generated again.
3. Perform a cold reset on the active and standby SCC boards. The alarm persists.
4. Suspect that the SCC board hardware is faulty and replace the SCC board in slot 18. After the board replacement, the alarm persists and the alarm generation time is the initial alarm generation time.
5. Remove both the active and standby SCC boards and then re-insert them respectively. The fault symptom persists.
6. Run the :alm-get-bdalm-new command to query the boards one by one and then determine that the SCC board in slot 118 reports the TEMP_OVER alarm.

Other related questions:
Solution for handling alarms when the OSN 8800 T16 with no SCC board serves as an optical-layer subrack
If the subrack has no CPU board, alarms are detected by the AUX board and reported to the SCC board in the master subrack. If the subrack has a CPU board, the AUX board transparently transmits alarms to the SCC board in the master subrack.

Whether NE alarm tones and indicators can be set on OSN 8800 devices
You can press the ALMCUT button on a system control board to clear the alarm tones, but the board indicators cannot be cleared.

Method used to determine whether the new SCC board is initialized when one SCC board in an OSN 6800 subrack equipped with two SCC boards is replaced
The new SCC board will complete the initialization 15 minutes later after being inserted into the slot housing the original SCC board.

Precautions for replacing the SCC board in the master subrack of OSN 8800
The prerequisites to replace the space SCC are: Data synchronization between the active and standby SCCs are normal; The hardware type and software version of the spare and working SCCs are the same.

Method used to handle the failure to delete an FIU board from the OSN 8800
Delete logical fiber connections before deleting the board.

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