FD function license


The FD license is controlled by the U2000 using the OmniSight-T license control item. To apply for an FD license, ensure that the OmniSight-T license must be activated and loaded to the NMS.
OmniSight-T license: For U2000 V100R008 and later versions, some transport device management features are controlled using the OmniSight-T license. An OmniSight-T license can be considered a file that is formed by some special license items in the U2000 license file, and must be loaded to the U2000 together with the U2000 license. Similar to the U2000 license, an OmniSight-T license is classified into the commissioning license and commercial or temporary license. An OmniSight-T license has an independent version number (fixed at V100R001), which is irrelevant to the U2000 version number. During the U2000 upgrade, the R version upgrade fee of the OmniSight-T license does not need to be quoted.

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URL functions requiring a license
The license requirements for URL functions are as follows: -Exception IP address: No -Blacklist and whitelist: No -URL user-defined category: No -URL predefined category: Yes

License functions on firewalls
The license definition is as follows: A license is an agreement made by and between a supplier and a customer on authorizing or being authorized the usage scope and time limit of the sold or bought product. A license can dynamically control features of products available for a customer. A license is an agreement in which the supplier authorizes the customers to use certain functions, resources, and upgrade services of the purchased products before expiry. Physically, a license consists of a license certificate and a license file. -A license certificate is issued by a supplier to a customer who purchased the license, for activating the license. The license certificate contains Contract No., Activation Password, and license content. -A license file is a .dat file provided for the customer after the license is activated. The customer needs to load the license file on a device or software to use the related functions.

IEEE 1588v2 function license
1. IEEE 1588v2 Function Licenses �?Basics (1) License name: IEEE 1588v2 function fee (2) License function: determines whether a subrack supports IEEE 1588v2 and time signal transmission. The sales unit is subrack. (3) License applicable object: subrack (4) License applicable object unit: Each subrack needs one corresponding license. (5) License calculation method: The number of licenses is deducted by 1 every time IEEE 1588v2 is enabled for a subrack. (6) License BOM code: ( OSN 9800 is used as an example): 82600638 OptiX OTN Platform-IEEE1588v2 (U2000) 2. IEEE 1588v2 Function Licenses �?Usage (1) Basic control principles: After loading and activating IEEE 1588v2 function licenses on the NMS, you can query the corresponding license information on the NMS. Then you can enable or disable IEEE 1588v2 for a specific subrack and the NMS will deduct the license quantity or claim the license accordingly. NE software enables or disables IEEE 1588v2 for a subrack after receiving a command for enabling or disabling the function from the NMS. Example: If you purchase 10 IEEE 1588v2 function licenses, you can enable IEEE 1588v2 for 10 subracks at most on the NMS.

TP-Assist function license
1. TP-Assist Basic Function License -- Basics (1) License name: TP-Assist basic function fee (2) License function: determines whether a subrack supports the basic functions of TP-Assist. (3) License applicable object: physical subrack (by equipment type) (4) License applicable object unit: Equipment of the MS-OTN I, MS-OTN II, and MS-OTN III types Each subrack needs one corresponding license. (5) One such license is required by each subrack for which TP-Assist is enabled.

Function of the license
Function of the license: FAQ-What is the license

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